GPT appoints CAIDMARK as partner for Malaysia

Caidmark has been appointed as an authorized representative of Genesis and is the only reseller for Genesis products in Malaysia. Genesis has the know-how to enhance your ability to utilise, analyse and organise your historical drilling data. It will harness this invaluable asset in generating the best possible plan for drilling your next wells – a plan based on more reliable statistical forecasts of well time and costs.

And with Genesis you’ll get a lot more. It can also monitor drilling performance through accurate follow-up of the plan, allowing you to fully optimise operational time. You’ll be able to improve performance through access to precise data measurement and interpretation. With Genesis you won’t just know where you’ve been – you’ll also know how to get to where you want to be.

GPT provides a training academy that might enhance your knowledge relating to oil and gas, for more information you could found at Genesis Training Academy.