Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Sector

Caidmark’s emphasis will be in providing solutions in reliability engineering and virtual prototyping (VP) of plants. We implement Plant Information Management System (PIMS), CBM, RCM and VP for the site wide deployment of reliability and operations management applications. This is also applicable for the energy producers.

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Military Sector

For CBM, we offer a total condition assessment system solution (oil, vibration, performance and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)) including integrated on-line, at-line and off-line tools to identify component damage and predict service life of the equipments.

Maritime Sector

Our ultimate CBM objective is to provide ship owners with ships that do not require maintenance during their mission.

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Transportation Sector

We hope to improve the reliability and maintainability of the vehicles by adopting CBM. Our offerings will be further reinforced by introducing VP.